Blind Spots

Heesch, 2015 - How to change the perception of a neighborhood? How to overcome periods of poor communication? A collaboration with residents of 't Rul.

Blind Spots
Blind Spots

BLIND SPOTS is a series of flags for neighbourhood 't Rul in Heesch (NL). The flags were produced after a year round collaboration with local residents, professionals working in 't Rul and municipal policy makers. Main focus: How to change the perception of the area? How to trust each other and start working together?


The flags focus on different aspects of social life and function as simple rules for further collaboration: to speak out, to respect each other and to say hello. They are produced in two sizes: 100x150 and 150x225. The small ones were given to people involved in BLIND SPOTS. The big ones hang on six flagpoles, put in different locations in the area.


BLIND SPOTS is commissioned by Woningcorporatie Mooiland. Produced in collaboration with Stichting Vivaan, Gemeente Bernheze, Janina Frye and Academie voor Beeldvorming.


Photography: Mike Harris.

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